Cancelled Until Further Notice Saturday 8th August 2020

Horses and Ponies to compete together classes may be split if entries justify.

              Class 1.    Intro B + 60 - 70cm Jumping

              Class 2.   BE90 Test 92 (2009) + 70 – 80cm Jumping

            Click Here to Download a Copy of BE90 Test 92(2009)

Entry Fee:                  £25.00 per combination per Class

Rosettes:        1st – 6th

Prize Money: If entries justify 1st, £20 /2nd £15 /3rd £10

Scoring:    Section I Run up 1-5 Points (1 = good 5 = poor)

                   Section II Dressage

                                       Percentage = Points (highest % = lowest Points)

                  Section III Jumping Faults = Points

                  Section IV Ride Round Placing = Points (1st = 1/2nd = 2) etc

Combination accumulating the lowest points after all sections wins the class.  It is advised to warm up dressage and jumping before section I start. Time allocated for saddle/boot up between section I & II only.


Section I: Run up

In Hand Horse in Riding Bridle. No Martingales / Boots or Bandages

Judged on:  Presentation, Turn Out, Movement, To be followed by: (Time allocated to saddle/boot up)

Section II Dressage  

(40m x 20m) Arena Test to be ridden from memory. No tack restrictions martingales/ boots/bandages/ jumping whip allowed. To be followed immediately by:

Section III Jumping

10 jumps to include Show/XC & Working Hunter Jumps. Fall of Horse or Rider or a total of three refusals will result in elimination. Schooling whips will not be allowed in jumping section. After the last jumping round all clear rounds qualify for section IV. It is the responsibility of the rider to present themselves in time for this section which will take place 10-15 minutes after last horse jumping

Section IV Ride Around = Suitability and Potential

 Showing Walk, Trot, Canter each rein as a group. Showing Gallop one at a time.



1. Open to all horse ponies over 4 years old as 1st Jan 2019

2. No tack restrictions relating to section II Dressage

3. Back protectors are compulsory

4. Dress code Tweed/Navy/Black Jackets, Tie or Stock

        Plain light coloured jodhpurs, long boots or matching gaiters

5. Jumping whips only allowed (75cm max)

6.  Pre Entry only Closing Date 7th August 2018 

7. Time allocated for start

8. Judges decision  is final

9. In the event of low class entry prize money will be replaced with EDRC vouchers to the same value