jumping clinics with mark cavell

Our jumping clinics are suited for horses and riders of all ages and all abilities. Our talented instructor, Mark has a sympathetic approach to teaching, and instills riders with confidence to tackle fences.

Within these sessions, you could be tackling courses, technical gridwork or even a chase me charlie for good measure! There really is something for everyone, and you will never be forced to do something out of your comfort zone.

Riders are grouped in similar abilities, with clinics lasting 1 hour. The sessions are either held in Mark's indoor arena, or in his grass paddock when the weather is nice!


flat work and poles clinics with emma lee

In our Emma Lee clinics there is no jumping involved, but they play a vital role in benefiting you as a horse and rider in any discipline.

Emma uses various exercises to include pole work, transitions and lateral work to improve rider positioning and balance as well as aiding the horses natural way of going.

Riders are grouped into similar ability level and with a maximum of 4 participants on her lovely surface.



Polework with a twist! Ellie incorporates jumping into her sessions - these can either be poles on the floor or 1m! The jumping element is tailored to suit each individual horse and rider combination.

Ellie is a patient instructor and her pole work clinics have a individual focus each session. Whether it is focusing on you and your horse's balance, rhythm and pace, these pole work sessions are for you.

Sessions last for 1 hour on Ellie's outdoor surface. 


Dressage Clinics with Jess Griffiths

Private dressage sessions with UKCC Level 3 and BD accredited coach Jess Griffiths. Jess is currently competing her own horses at PSG level dressage as well as coaching and training. These sessions can be tailored to suit you and your horse thanks to Jess's wealth of knowledge in her field.

Sessions can be 30mins or 45mins-1hr depending on which you would prefer and are all held on a lovely 20x60m outdoor surface.